Thursday, April 28, 2016

Second Performance: Higgs and Jim


musical instruments



microphone and speaker

written word in the stream of consciousness style.

speaker playing :

The audience is instructed to form a circle facing outwards. shakers are handed out to every other person using duck-goose-duck-goose method (gooses get shakers ducks get none). Two performers operate the instrument and microphone respectively at opposite ends of the circle. The mirror is set up between the two performers on the outside of the circle and reflects the audiences' image while they are performing.  the speaker playing the song is opposite the mirror and perpendicular to the performers at opposite ends of the audience. the audience is instructed to step sideways in the circle, those with shakers are told to play them to the cadence of their steps.

make sure that each respective sound can only be heard by those passing each "station". as the people with shakers tend to create a white noise that creates a feeling of isolation.

collaboration with Higgs was phenomenal and i had fun working with him. To tell you the truth we threw together the project relatively quickly in relation to my other projects. This was mostly because the additional criteria of working in a group was added by the class and I was scrambling to find the "odd man out"

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